long into the night

we talked…he and I talk about everything for way longer than a reasonable night’s sleep allows….

We decided on supper after randomly passing each other on the road. He was on his way home and I  going in that general direction, but headed for coffee first.  So we ate and talked.   And went for coffee.  Coffee stops  means he’s got something on his mind.  We sat for a long time….discussing “concepts” of Men and Women, the power they hold, and the abuse of power in our (joint and singular) relationships.  We talked of the maturity and responsibility that come  with being a Man or Woman as opposed to a male or a female. Who has it and who doesn’t evidenced by their actions around and towards us.

We took to home and continued the conversation on the couch.  We talked more about “listening” and “hearing”.  I expressed a desire to listen better, and more fully using some examples of others conversations with me.  What did I “really” hear?  What did this Man really say to me?   I have trouble with “Manspeak”as well, lol.  And then, I asked about 2 specific conversations we’ve had about my power with him.   One, three years ago in a distant land when he told me I was the most dangerous person he knew.  The other, just a few months ago, when he told me I had no power with him.

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