You said once that I was the most dangerous person to you.
I dismissed that because I don’t want power over *anyone*.

Too bad. You do. Get used to it.
(unspoken-you have that power with me still)

Of course I am not dangerous to you. I wouldn’t hurt you.
But I wasn’t listening was I? You were telling me I could have had you on your knees, right?
(unspoken-it would have never worked at that time anyway)

Yes. But you didn’t hear it because you didn’t believe in your own power. You had no confidence in it.

But not so long ago you told me that I had no power over you anymore.
(unspoken-how can both be true???)
Of course, I didn’t want power over you so I dismissed that too.

What were you really telling me? What didn’t I hear?
(unspoken-I need to know what is true)

I only told you that because it’s what I wanted so badly to believe.
(unspoken-you had that power then)

And what I thought you could easily hear then.
(unspoken-it would have been harmful to the both of us to admit it)

You still don’t believe in your Power. You still don’t have enough confidence in it.
More than before, but still not enough.
(unspoken-I take note of your power. It grows)

I don’t want to abuse that Power. It’s an awful lot of responsibility.
(unspoken-it scares me to have that much power)

Would you ever hurt me?

Noooooo. I would never do that.

No I know you wouldn’t. Real Women don’t, Rosa.
(unspoken-you are a Real Woman)

A different set of glasses as my filter……

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2 Responses to unspoken

  1. Greenwoman says:

    *smiles* You are a real friend.


    • Rosa says:

      I can only be what I can be….but, I will take friendship over anything else, any day, any time….everything grows from there….and they are the most cherished and the most blessed of all…




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