My probing was soft and gentle. Not with the communication of “language” and “words” available to us.

It was a distinct impression……like the antennae of a moth or butterfly. Hovering…tasting…feeling the scents and the undercurrent to “hear” what he was saying. As if he were answering my questions not yet asked but present in my mind. ???

At the time, I realized the mood and the words and feelings behind the language. I knew what he was telling me, but I was not wholly aware of the “how” this functions for me until the next day.

It’s not in what was said…although partially this is true…but it was the tenor and smell and “feel” of what is both said and unsaid.

How odd to have this picture now after all this time. Wondering how it is I tune in to him. What is it that makes me sensitive and what it is he can feel from me. And now I know it’s been like this always for us…only he got it sooner than I did, much sooner….it’s how he reads me so well…….

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