venus and mars

Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter.

We do have a tendency to over think things don’t we?

Revisiting the same issues over and over, continually dusting them off when some things should be left alone…left for the dust to cover them completely in some dark corner so to speak.  Or perhaps just put away for good.

Speaking as a woman, that is……

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2 Responses to venus and mars

  1. elle says:

    Speaking as a woman…..who doesn’t like dust (lol) I believe we’re driven to revisit the things which our hearts tell us are either wrong or not right in our worlds. Revisiting usually either comes from a need to understand, or a subconscious wish to see if we can change something(one). If we can’t then we eventually let go.

    love and hugs xxx


    • Rosa says:

      I’m not sure elle. Putting this in context of my last post, I would have to say perhaps we endlessly revisit because we are not looking deep enough in our hearts for those answers, and we let our heads rule…..?? If in fact the head is suspicious and the heart is auspicious…

      And too, there is a part of me that believes women have a propensity to over think and revisit issues more than men. Wondering in all of this how (and if) women are cultured to be this way. I find it rare…that is…I know few women who resolve as easy as men. When the “job” is done-what ever that may be-they seem to be able to call it done, wash their hands and move along. This is not true of most of the women I know. Perhaps I know men who are more accepting, perhaps men are taught to “get the job done” and move on. Perhaps it’s a self confidence thing women don’t usually don’t…..operate under. We seem to constantly question ourselves. ??? Don’t know. Just musing some from a recent conversation.

      I don’t like dust either. I know I have a tendency to “beat a dead horse”, lol.



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