The Woman Who Slumbers

Again I find myself unsure whether to remain standing on the edge; poised and ready to jump, or run. Should I choose, there is tightrope in front of me…a path…my path? Will I have the courage to walk balanced precariously in the wind?Do I dare put my heart and soul into what I want?
Do I trust myself enough to take the risk?
I dare not look down….
this will either be the first or last post you read here
depending on where I can separate myself from reality and fantasy
of little girl dreams and big girl desires
of a 10 cow woman with a 10 cow guy….


I am
the woman who slumbers
deep in your dreams

I am
all you desire
and all that you need

I am
a sharp gasp
knowing the power I possess

I am
the brush of a promise across your lips
the whispered breath in your ear

I am
slow moving tears
laughter of a child

I am
the sound of the surf
rocking you to sleep

I am
the wind at your back
the sun on your face

I am….
a song in your heart
a warm embrace

I am

I am
nothing at all
waiting to awaken

I am
the woman who slumbers
waiting in your dreams….

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