2 Women & A Dragon

They stood more than arms length apart eying each other warily and pretending the smiles were genuine. There was no hate in their hearts, only grudging acceptance. And so they continued like this for many moons, dart for dart, dagger for dagger. The volley was never intended to be fatal. It was simply territorial marking accompanied by small bloody wounds as a sharp reminder of where not to step.
Unbeknownst to either of them, they had each privately asked for the chance to heal their heart with the other. A chance to grow by peeling away years of scars of insecurity, jealously and attachment, and erasing the boundaries they themselves had so carefully created to keep them safe.
As they had asked, they would receive. Their paths would cross again. One and only one chance was granted to start a process of healing. A kind word was received with a heartfelt hug. Each woman gently wiggled their fingers inside the other to find no shields or walls. For the first time, each saw the other in the blaring spotlight of willing to risk their heart. Of willing to find commonality within their own individuality.
Another two moons and a half passed. Each took the time for the other without expectations or obligation. One left a trinket for the other to find. The other left a treasure in return. Emails filled the void with kindness and love. They shared the tears and laughter of hopes and dreams. And again, plans were made to be together as family. Only this time there was no test for them to pass, no watchful eyes, no competitions to win as they join hands and step off the ledge…
In coming to the table they have found their strength and unabashedly admitted to the weaknesses of their humanity. Threads of silver and gold bind them together in the intricate tapestry of life. They have the same dragons to slay. Together they hold the key. A whispered promise of support and strength. Failure is not an option.
There is no moral contained here. This is a telling, my telling of changes in my life. Of letting go the old and welcoming in the new. Together we step hand in hand in Grace and Beauty. Together we walk a shared path of slaying the dragons and standing victorious for no other reason than it serves us to do so.
**dedicated to b with Love**

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