undercover and in darkness

she left this for me. or something close. wish i had copied it because my memory is fuzzy when it comes to quotes. it sums my life completely right now.

I carry a little piece of bread and meat in my satchel. I go by the light of the moon, undercover and in darkness. I know I must leave the village for a time for I am dying inside. This path I must walk alone in darkness to find my light…

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5 Responses to undercover and in darkness

  1. Rosa says:

    The arms of comfort and support from a longtime friend have been a little bit of light in my world the past few days. No pressure to be anything but myself. Plenty of time to reflect, relax and find a bit of balance.


  2. b says:

    She carries with her little water and bread in her satchel. Traveling now under the shadows of the wavering moon. If she was to stay in the village she would die. She travels knowing that she must find a passage to make and call her very own. Heart breaking it is to leave now in days when the village welcomed her with arms of openness and love. Still she whispers into a sisters ear, I must travel far from here, I know you will understand when I say my soul hungers and cries out for distant lands. I carry you sister, I carry always a key, a beautiful thing that is shared between you and me. But alas it is time for me to take this journey. Sleep well my sister, sleep through the storms that wash you over, for I can taste the salt laden tears you have shed upon my own lips. I wish sister that I held for you words of comfort and deep unspoken wisdom but all I can offer is my very heart.
    Tears will one day come to end, but fear never to shed them for they are all that is healing even though they feel most consuming. You are beautiful my sister, if only I could lend you my eyes so that you could see your own vast beauty inside. Walk now in these days with grace and stride, let not your tender heart become a servant to demise for into you I hope to breath much life.


    • Rosa says:

      b, To be so loved by you and without reservation is to be so very blessed in this life, and beyond.
      You convey hope for a continuation of our friendship. Thank you.

      Godspeed, sister. And until we meet again, know I need to dance among the stars for a time. Look to the sky on your journey; you will see the light of Venus shinning down to illuminate the way and you will know I am with you always.

      I miss you…


  3. Rosa says:

    Some days the light shines brighter. Today not so much. It is true that there are always friendly faces and the beauty of nature.. Always. I only have to open my eyes to see…..*kisses*


  4. There is a little light that shines in your eyes..
    May there be friendly faces on the path, and a chorus of nature to soothe you..



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