an angel on my shoulder

There are so many words I could choose to describe Terry. Words that convey strength of character; conviction, loyal, integrity, and honor. There are other words too; loving words of kindness, caring, generosity, and compassion.

There is one word that starts my thoughts of him, and comes between each and every one of the other words that describe Him; the word that ends my thoughts of Him is simply, Friend. A true and genuine, Friend.

Today I have not lost. I have gained. Today I am doubly blessed. I will forever carry my Friend deep inside my heart, and now I have an angel on my shoulder….

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2 Responses to an angel on my shoulder

  1. Rosa says:

    Thank You. He’s there…..and yes he makes me smile thru my tears


  2. Holding you close in my heart, and smiling at the new angel that you have…



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