Ebb and flow

It’s become somewhat of a tradition these past few years to gather with the children for a pre or post Thanksgiving get together at a local restaurant. And then again on Christmas Eve. Fine with me. I don’t have the space to cook for a dozen people anymore even if I do miss doing so at times.

This Thanksgiving weekend when we came together, I learned I will be a Grandma and a half sometime in June. Yep. My oldest son an his wife are expecting. The “half” comes from news that his best friend (one of my wayward sons) and his wife are also expecting about the same time.

WOW! I am so not ready to be called “Grandma”. I think I like “Nana” or “Oma” better.

Spent almost 3 hours on hold before I could reactivate my unemployment yesterday. I really don’t expect to return to work until after my birthday. I’m really ok with it. This last job was obnoxiously difficult in scope. Cut Bank, Montana is one helluva cold and desolate place. Add having to work for a horrible little man who thought nothing of calling a woman on the crew a fat bitch to her face. He reserved nazi, hitler bitch especially for me. Wasn’t that sweet of him? Blech. I hate kicking crew AND the boss out of my office for bad (and mostly drunken) behavior.
And too, missing both Terry’s funeral and memorial service was awfully hard.

I’m thinking of a warm beach somewhere in celebration of my upcoming 55th. After all, I went to Hawaii for my 50th.

To make the upcoming holidays really special this year, my Anam Cara is coming for a couple of weeks. We talked at length last night about it. It feels good to know he’s going to be around between here and Denver with his girls. Mi casa es su casa. Whatever. We know each other well enough to not get in each others hair (to much *laughing*) or expect to be the others entertainment the entire time. Told him he was welcome in my bed, or not. Makes no difference to me how that aspect scopes out. We will have plenty of time together. We always do. There is another bedroom here with a futon he can have for additional privacy too. I know I am loved regardless of sleeping arrangements, our individual meditation time, private phone calls, family obligations, or the need to cultivate and maintain other relationships. All good.

It’s sweetness, pure sweetness!

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