the key

You still hold the key. I think of promises made and promises broken. Of how I failed not one, but three; you, Him and most importantly, me. Can you ever forgive one who is me? For being confused and naive? For choosing to believe my insecurities instead of believing my heart? We can never change the past. We can only live the present and learn from our missteps. I still miss you and Love you. All my heart. Rosa


In the midst of forgiving myself I needed to ask for forgiveness from another. Whether I even receive a reply is now moot. Hope to? Well “hope” is another matter altogether. Of course I “hope” to. Don’t we all want to be forgiven for our perceived mistakes? But all in all, that’s not the important part today. The important part was to give voice to my desire, and ask. Something I have been afraid to do all these months….

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