Searching for Grace today;

Grace to accept I tried to lay blame for my own choices to accommodate another when it didn’t work as planned; as I expected and wanted.

Grace to accept I acted out of a selfish need to make MYSELF feel better; to ease my disappointment, remove the blame anger I initially felt towards another, and self depreciating thoughts of feeling foolish for believing it was all too good to be true.

Grace to accept that I used the mask of “being helpful” to that end,

Grace to realize in doing so I overstepped and my actions took something from someone 2 others,

Grace to state it coherently and without fear,
Grace to apologize,
Grace to not ask for forgiveness,

Grace to accept the consequences of my actions no matter what they may be,

Grace to learn from a mistake,

Grace to move forward.

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2 Responses to searching

  1. I just recently made a card that said ” searching for grace..”
    I think we are on the same path…
    wave when you get to the top would you?



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