One Man, One Dominant Male, One Apprentice Master, One Long Time Best Friend. 5’11”, 200# Ginger with deep blue eyes. Last seen wearing Black polo shirt, jeans, white tennis shoes and trailing 10′ long dick behind him. May be found hanging around hot dog stands at Home Depot. Loves loose women in low cut tops and heels. May also be spotted opening doors and carrying heavy packages for women of all shapes and sizes.

If found, loop wounded dick around neck and send home to the ones who love and serve him…

Signed: Two concerned submissives, patiently waiting for his return. PH:555-555-5555

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5 Responses to lost

  1. Silly men are ALWAYS the problem….
    ~rolls eyes~


  2. alaisheart says:

    LOL! Silly woman…


    • Rosa says:

      HEY! This is *serious* business here. *silly grin*

      You know the story behind this one now. Nice in a lot of ways he doesn’t read here. Sometimes I just need to vent. Silly Man is the problem….



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