Do I bury you in the recesses of my mind like I did him 6 months ago today?

I will bury you in your phone call about his death; in my screams of a heart broken and bloody.

I will bury you in the sting as you lash my flesh and your eyes turn midnight blue; the gift of your vulnerability, the gift of my submission.

I will bury you the glider high above the clouds 7000 feet over the North Shore of Oahu.

I will bury you at the foot of the Navigators Beacon on a dark star filled night at Waimanalo beach.

I will bury you at Montana del Oro where the surf sings its song washing over a jade pebbled beach.

I will file the papers under lessons learned. How to risk, and lose….

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2 Responses to burial

  1. Rosa says:

    No, far from released. And how can it be when I take stitches at the worn threads to keep them from unraveling or breaking….

    Love you!! xoxoxo


  2. Buried, but still there..
    taste lingering
    haunted in songs and smells…
    but not forgotten
    nor released…



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