of butterfly wings and kisses

she fluttered about lazily before gently landing on my shoulder; whispering in my ear a song of sadness of strength and of love…

my pen no longer flows for him. we walk together in this, you and i.

i replied, sad i am tonight. praying this is not the only reason we were bought together; to witness this, and only this.

no, because we have blossomed together in this, you and i. we have found our balance and our strength, you and i.

beautiful butterfly, he is losing 2 jewels, you and i. Two who would walk next to him forever to hear his song. to place our swings under the protection of his branches.

we have been brought to dark places by him, you and i. his branches no longer protect you and i. his light does not shine on you and i. his table is bare for you and i.

she paused and then continued, we need to take back our tables, you and i. you are welcome at my table anytime.

and yet, we love him like no other. still. you too are welcome at my table anytime, beautiful one.

she softly wrapped her velvet butterfly wings around my shoulders and gifted me with two kisses; one on my forehead, the second she slipped in my pocket with a wink and a smile.

before i could respond, i felt the touch of her wings against my cheek. as i turned my head she took flight, up and away. her wings illuminated by the moon, her path straight and true; headed to the safety of her tree and her swing with the plain wood plank suspended with frayed rope…

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4 Responses to of butterfly wings and kisses

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  3. Wow..
    this is beautiful..
    and so sweet..

    just wow..



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