bare table

 You likely don’t remember that day.  I do.  Over a year and an half ago now.   Peering at the computer screen on the table where you worked as I cleaned the kitchen.

Your offhand comment , I should collar you; you do almost everything I tell you to.

My breath caught in my throat. Happy to hear you noticed. But stunned all the same.


I try to, I replied.
I looked up to find your eyes still on the computer screen.


I went back to cleaning.

I thought later about what you said.
I thought too about my lack of response.
Why I didn’t didn’t give my first thought voice.

Yes please, Sir, I would like that very much.

I’ve questioned this for over a year and a half.

Nothing placed on the table.
No candles to light the way.
No bread, no wine.
No substance to feed on.

You didn’t offer anything with your collar.
You merely wanted my servitude.
And my power.

You wanted it “E.A.S.Y.”

And now?
How’s that working for ya?


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