And yet another…..

Generally I don’t bother bouncing the ball back.
But I’m in no fucking mood today.
And guess what? It’s turning out to be a fine day after all  *whistling*


Dear Mr Personal Trainer, Domly Dom, Fukwad

Seriously? I asked for reasonable information on your relationship status at the word “partner”. Yes, I get to do that before coffee and further talk if I so desire. You would have parted with the information later had I just participated? If you can’t part with that “secret” upfront, no, I see no reason to meet at all.

I failed your test? There was a test? Oh I get it. I forgot about those tests for the prospective subbies you’ve never met, to see if they behave properly in the face of being ordered around from the get go.

Your condescending attitude means you failed; as yet another domineering asshat of the male species with a puffed out chest, telling me what I should do; and then yelling “foul” because you didn’t get what you wanted or your way, fast enough.

You are right about one thing, no one “deals” with me. They don’t need to. Respect is a two way street. You haven’t even begun to enter the intersection buddy.

Fortunately I know full well what I am rejecting here….

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7 Responses to And yet another…..

  1. alaisheart says:

    LOL!!! He’s up shit’s creek and Fuckwad Alley…LOL


  2. Rosa says:

    sure. ~giggles~
    unfortunately I have tons of experience. recent even….


  3. um…
    I guess there is one at every street corner.
    Could I borrow you to deal with a few I know?



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