From a dating site where I visited a profile, received a very short email and haven’t had the time to respond with anything in kind.

I am tempted to respond in text because; ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?
I am RESPONSIBLE for YOUR CONFUSION? HOPES? DREAMS? I can’t LOOK at others profiles because I might….what…????

I need to put this aside because…..I am…right? GRRRRRR…..

I don’t mean to bother you again, or critique you, but this is just a helpful suggestion… If you know what you really want, then say it (like you said it in your Preface to your profile) and follow it by action consistent with it. Sure, it is a free world, and you can go anywhere and do anything you like but, remember, Isaac Newton of law of gravity fame, who said “You move a finger, and you have moved the universe” (same difference, when it is all “relative” to the bright Jewish kid, Albert Einstein)!

Moral of the story: you confuse people by visiting profiles like mine, who is at a distance from you, and, thus, suggest otherwise (even if it is for heuristics, but we live in an interactive Internet world; it is not the same as if you went out to your local library, and pulled out a book from a library shelf; The author (he/she) won’t know that you read his/her book, and thus visited his/her mind, even if he/she wrote the book a thousand years earlier). No big deal, may be but, then, please don’t be so harshly judgmental or critical for the rest of us. You are an imperfect human being, no better or no worse than the rest of us. Let your body actions (yes, yes…) consistently confirm what your mind is saying (no, no…)! Best of luck! :)

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One Response to Are You SERIOUS?

  1. Rosa says:

    Fuck it. I blocked him. Not worth the energy either way…



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