done deal

Finally. Back to having my own wheels. We’ve been talkin’ about her desire to have a newer vehicle. Hers is 12 years old. She feels she is dumping too much money into it. A timing belt, alignment, tune up, and new tires in the past 6 months. Wow! For 125K easy easy miles on a 12 year old car-that’s nothing, lol.
Must be because I am used to driving used cars with a hell of a lot more repair bills.

I told her I would give her whatever the dealer would offer as a trade in. It will happen Thursday. AND, I can return Muse’s truck I’ve been borrowing for the last 18 months when I am home on break.

Now that he has taken to using the truck over my head as a condition of “you better do what I tell you or else” by insisting I am using the truck for FREE, despite the $750 I put into it for parts and repairs the past 5 months.
It’s the last bit of leverage he thinks he has over me.

Well….Fine. Issue solved. I’ll park the truck back over at Muse’s when he is at work. Don’t need to talk about it. No phone calls to make or take.
It’s kinder this way for both of us.

I don’t need others “stuff” as a condition of love or friendship, or respect or trust.

Stuff it….

I couldn’t be more pleased even if it leaves me in a semi broke state until June.

small sized SUV, great gas mileage, all wheel drive. Well taken care of.

It leaves a lot of room for going where I want, when I want, with no one to question me about it or hold anything over my head.

Love it when a plan come together!!

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2 Responses to done deal

  1. say good bye to leverage…
    That sounds like freedom…


    • Rosa says:

      It is in a BIG way. Sitting now in outside the house. Change insurance, tags, clean and return truck. All good!! Pretty pleased to bounce the ball back in a way that truly serves me. His ball. *grin*



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