Our conversation and his comments last night have me thinking on how others perceive us in comparison to how we perceive ourselves.  His comment was that I needed to learn to spend time by myself. Huh? His perception is that I surround myself with people and don’t know how to be by myself. Read a book or hike or work on your projects or something for you, he said….  *blink*

I’m still scratching my head.  Because what others see and perceive as truth may not be.

My perspective is that I spend a great deal of time by myself.  Most of my activities are solo and have been  for a very long time. His perspective is clearly not the same.  An incomplete picture?

Let see, in any two week period there are 3 community events I attend, another evening I work with my Rope Top; I see Chris twice in that period on Mondays and have dinner together once, I generally see Gene once ever two weeks, I’ve been helping the commenter once a week and manage to have a “date” once every 2 weeks.   Soooooo…In 14 days, I have 10 “things” I do with others.  Only my time with my Anam Cara once every 2 weeks spans 24 hours.

See, my perspective is that I am alone at least 50% of the time or more.  What he sees is me at his house or at those community events. And for some reason this translates into “social butterfly” who does not know how to be alone.   His perspective is that I am out and about all the time.  Mine is that I probably spend way much time alone.  Especially when I think about those 8 books I’ve read in the past 3 months; the rope and clothespins I’ve dyed, the nine tails I’m working on, repainting the wicker bathroom cabinet, writing; my own chores at the house; hiking; geocaching; garage sales and antique stores. ALONE.

Hmmmmm…..I think we will have a talk about perception being reality.  And why I feel the need to prove his version is flawed, lol.  Perhaps I see his assessment of me as “less than”?



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2 Responses to Perceptions

  1. Rosa says:

    *If you are you, true and authentic, and he doesn’t see that, do you really want to waste the effort trying to convince him otherwise?*

    Relative. Yep. He is much more hermit than I am. In comparison I certainly am a social butterflly. Yes, He will see what he wants to see and nothing more. I did sort of broach this today about how much I read….he just laughed. ‘Nuff said. Nope.not worth the energy.

    Nudge you off? Not a chance in Hell!! Keeps me on my toes. TeeHee.


  2. Does anyone ever really see us as we are?
    To many times I am told ” but you can talk to anyone”
    when I say ” I am a hermit and an introvert”
    I begin to think that different words mean different things to people.
    I also think that people SEE what they want to see.
    I will never forget the loving girl who ended her life at 17, her farewell simply said she couldn’t stand not being seen. Her parents thought she was perfect, that everything was fine, she was this, that and the other thing…
    I think she was those things to please them, and the burden of being perfect, and not who she really was, was to much for her.
    If you are you, true and authentic, and he doesn’t see that, do you really want to waste the effort trying to convince him otherwise?
    what exactly do you gain?
    Wow.. got out me little box to stand on here..
    give me a nudge off will ya?



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