drops of blood on my breast


I brought something for you.  Take them.

No.  Not tonight.  I may change my mind.  But not tonight. Not yet.

I’m not asking you to do this with me.  Are you angry I sent those pictures to you?

No. Why do you do it?

She hesitated before answering

It’s like cutting.  You know that. 

He scrunched up his face all thoughtful like and spoke, 

I don’t think it’s healthy to do it that way. Emotionally that is.  I see someone who is punishing themselves for perceived wrong doings; for something they don’t believe they can atone for..  I see someone who is looking for forgiveness and acceptance and hasn’t found it.

Oceans of saltwater tears spilled from her eyes and mingled with the blood on her breast.

Why did you even ask when you already knew the answer?

Because I wanted you to tell me. I had to be sure.

So I shouldn’t be doing this?

No. Not like this.  It’s better done by someone with a calm mind and a pure heart.

Then forgive me.  And find acceptance for me.  The same acceptance I do for you………



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One Response to drops of blood on my breast

  1. Rosa says:

    Muse? In seeing my pain you have removed the needles from my breast. Thank you…..



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