so different we are her and I.

a most unlikely combination

of leo and capricorn.

ridiculously opposite

perfectly balanced

tossing the ball back and forth.

ideas, fears,

hopes, dreams,

laughter, tears

of the sisters so very different

yet so much the same.

does she know how much she centers me?

how much she’s helped me these past few months?

it leaves me puzzled and grateful

to have such support for each other.

if only he could see

really see who we are

together and individually

with the love we have

more than ourselves

in this odd combination

of personality and philosophies.

how carefully we feed

building weakness

into strengths

treading where others

dare not go.

with unspoken agreement

she picked me as I picked her.

I am left wondering

when did that happen between us?

i cannot pinpoint a day and time.

i only know what it is today

as we stand

side by side

drinking the blood of slain dragons

and tending each others wounds

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2 Responses to …….

  1. Rosa says:

    Thank you. She is quite the amazing woman, my sister submissive!


  2. alaisheart says:

    Ah…Gee this is beautiful and I’m very happy for you!!!!



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