as long as

As long as no one throws anyone else under the bus inadvertently or otherwise. Here’s a potential problem.   What is talked or relayed between two and then relayed to another changes hue if not color..  Each puts a personal spin on it when they translate into their own words. Most of the time there is no ill intent. 

The faith comes by trusting that what is relayed is only the essence of a conversation; a rough approximation. That is will not be used against another because it is at this point, hearsay. Waiting to hear directly from another their exact thoughts will go a long way to not misconstruing information that has probably changed, and provides a safe space for anyone to talk to each other and to you without worry about what was said by whom, when and in what context…..



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One Response to as long as

  1. Rosa says:

    Put the theory into practice



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