tabula rasa

If experience is an accumulation of everything we have done and seen up to this very moment in time, is it possible to ignore that past and begin again?  Or is it more like beginning a new chapter of a book where parts of what we have read may, or may not, be bought forward and incorporated into the story.

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One Response to tabula rasa

  1. alaisheart says:

    I think that the past contributed to now. Now would be intrinsically, essentially very different otherwise…so how can the future unfold without it either? I think that things in the past which are painful and hard to carry are purposeful in that they teach us how to either unburden ourselves by accepting things as they are…by loving ourselves completely, without restraint…and they are to teach us what we need to know to meet the future with strength and wisdom. Balance is found not in ignoring what contributes to now, but in figuring out what the foundation stone is in the painful things in our lives and settling down into the wisdom like sitting in a chair with all legs on the ground. Big hugs…



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