sticking to boundaries

I received this text last week on my way to Denver to see my new grandbaby: I’m still your friend when you decide to stop holding a grudge.


A few back and forth texts with me repeatedly stating that since we obviously saw the situation differently, we could talk face to face like adults, validate each others feelings and shake hands, or not.  Handing an olive branch on the tip of a knife with, when you decide to stop holding a grudge, puts people back in a corner.  Consider my words as an opportunity for education of a Dominant in the community. I can eat crow but I won’t eat your portion.  You write the next chapter any way you want.

After a few minutes I got back this:  I think of myself as your friend as the rest is just the bullshit of life. I’m your friend, grudges and all.

Ok.  Thanked him as that was what I needed as an explanation.  Let him know I too considered him a trusted friend.  And yes he could expect a big hug Friday.

Guess it pays to stick to my boundaries without attachment to outcome because it wasn’t about winning anything.  Honestly, I don’t care who you are in the “Community” or anywhere else.   I decide what I want to live with in my life…..

It’s about choice.


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