clearing up

Clearing up misunderstandings was the order of the day.  I had to stop and pick up some gardening tools. I also bought him a book I found at a yard sale.  It is the same edible plants book for this area as I use, and was going to lend to him.  YAY!  I hate lending my books. And it was brand new, never used.  Such a deal for a quarter to let him know I was thinking of him.

We talked for some time about this and that. He apologized for telling me to Fuck Off as long as I wouldn’t tell anyone ~laughing~.

I apologized for overreacting and explained he was the straw that broke the camels back having been the last of a long line of people who had been exceptionally rude to me that week.

Told him I don’t deserve that, but understood he felt pushed. He said that what he meant was that he was annoyed, didn’t want to talk, would talk to me tomorrow but still Loved me. 

Asked if he could say just that next time. Please?  That I can hear.  Fuck Off means something entirely different and likely I will sever ties and walk away.

He blushed as leaned over and I rubbed his bare feet. I asked again…..please, say what you mean.  Lead with your heart and not your mind. Always lead with your heart.

We talked about an interest of his for a bit until he indicated I was touching a nerve with my observations about him and that he was tired and couldn’t remember if he had taken his meds.

Gentle.  Very gentle.

Gave him a kiss and a hug. And a smiling, Love You Muchly.

Hope he is feeling better today….

I sure am.

The secondary thought this morning about Muse is:  wow… are so missing out. I am a gem…..

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