Calling the Kettle Black

Re-posted with permission.

Thoughts on contradictions spoken around the table Friday last.

The sum of slavery is equal to but not greater than; it is a conscience choice made by the individual. Contrary to the popular arguments, the seemingly endless circle of malarkey no one is born a natural slave by BDSM terms. Submission on the other hand is a trait all on its very own standing.

The term slave meaning no greater than and no less than ones choice of free will to partake in such events that surround the actual acts involved. Submission can be a trait or characteristic quality that is perceived as a main trait in an individual but does not form the individual completely.

Break down the word submissive and the final term is: One that is giving of their self.

The final sum of slavery is simple at best; it is a form of service to my Dom that I personally benefit from. It serves me, fulfills me to serve not only my Dom/Master but serves my well-being to provide service for both of us.

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