my choice

I chose this path willingly. I chose this for myself precisely because it was the hardest path I could walk right now; not the easiest.

The easiest path would have been the one with no risk; to stay where I was at. It was the path of “not”. Not reaching for something better. Not being truly happy. Not cultivating the grace I need in my life. Not being better.

This is by and far the path most serving to myself because it was also the most selfish. That in turn allows me to serve others more fully.

Sometimes I wonder what you think about it all. Certainly you are curious, that I know. Do you sit and watch cautiously from afar; waiting for the opportunity to pick up the pieces you believe will be left in the wake because you have no faith. No faith in her or me or us that what we say we want, we will create for her and me and us and you and them….

Walk a mile in my shoes or her shoes…you won’t get a block….it’s not easy is it?

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2 Responses to my choice

  1. alaisheart says:

    Choosing the hardest path is was a good road for me too. Good for you!



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