It is not what it appears.

I understand being fallible and have empathy for the human condition as I am not always consistent with words or actions myself. At times, the dragons I thought I conquered are still dragons hiding in the mists, and have not become the mere ankle biters I once thought….

I also understand the social and work masks we wear.

But, when we deny the experience ANY emotion which invokes a negative connotation in ourselves or others such as jealously or possessiveness, are we not elevating ourselves to some kind of god-like status? Devoid of what actually makes us human?

Nothing more than words parroted.

Yes, time will tell.  It always does and has in a few weeks from putting these cards on the table in a general way for all to ponder. It was surprisingly easy to see those most offended at a general statement for all to consider as a theory were the ones most guilty of parroting what others want to hear….

It’s not mine to deal with other than to not trust what is handed outward with the mask of sincerity.

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