personal resonsibility

There is a lot to be said about personal responsibility both in and out of the lifestyle.

There is much to be said about owning our own behavior.

It’s said too, the submissive (or slave or bottom) always has the choice; makes an active choice through their own free will in their submission to another. True enough whether they do it once for a limited time such as in a scene, once as a lifetime / contractual commitment, or each and every time they submit.

But, NO ONE signs up to be lied to.  Not bosses, coworkers, friends, or lovers. Not Dominants, Masters, slaves, submissives, Tops or bottoms.

Lying actively prevents others from making choices of their own free will. Lying strips away our personal responsibility as a method for manipulation, and hinders any chance we have of owning ourselves.

So where is the free will and choice when we are lied to?

Where does that personal responsibility go when we are lied to?

Right the fuck out the window. Free will, personal responsibility and choice can not exist when surrounded with lies.

Power exchange or not, lying is not a consensual activity.

And consensual is a cornerstone of bdsm, even in consensual non-consent…

Anything else is Bullshit.





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