He told me 6 weeks ago to “My life is better off without you in it. Leave me alone.” this was after I told him he was an Ass and rude to me in my house.

OK, So be it…..I have honored his request and have honored her request to not contact him as well. I have honored her request to lay down the sword and not shed anymore blood as it hurts her heart. Ok. Get it.

Two days ago I received this as text:

You might want to think about setting aside your hatred of me for one day on Thanksgiving. You are stirring shit that won’t help you in the end. I’ve already said I would do the same.

Shocked, hurt and confused…..I already told her I would do the same over a month ago. And asking her to seat him at the end of the table at the same time. What, he didn’t get the memo or didn’t read it?
Not happy with what I see as a threat. If there is no “relationship” there is also no helping me in the end. Ummmmm……why would I need help from someone who doesn’t want me in his life; someone I have ceased to ask anything of? Once again, you don’t like how I act or what I think so you will take away exactly WHAT from me that I am not asking for? Or will you be ordering your slave (my housemate) to take WHAT away from me?

WTF is going on here?

I could go all over with this imagining the “why” of it and if I do, there are only two conclusions I can draw.  Neither are to my liking.

Maybe I am better off just believing he is being an ASSHAT.  And shrug…..

It still, in my eyes, was not his place. And he didn’t help anything at all by coming at me with a dagger after 6 weeks. I am unarmed……

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