Ever so carefully she threaded each one on to the length of black sateen ribbon she had put aside for this task.

When she was done, and even more carefully, she slowly let her fingers travel along the ancient stone walls to locate just the right spot that was warmer than the rest.  It was here where she hung each key.

Twelve keys.

Twelve doors.

The twelfth key had not been threaded or hung. It had been placed in the hands of the maiden with the golden hair and sunny smile as a whispered promise long ago.  She could use that key on a special door accessible to no one else.

Only the four inhabitants of The Castle understood the significance of the keys.  Only the four inhabitants could use the keys to access the secret magick places in The Castle.  Few actually dare, and fewer still would be invited along on their secret magick trips to far away lands filled with adventure and priceless treasures.

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