on jealously

It’s relatively easy to say “I’m not jealous” towards someone we consider “lesser” than ourselves.  Or, when we consider them the lesser of two or three evils. Thank goodness it’s “her”, or “them” instead of another, right?  We create non-equality because if we consider someone inferior, we become automatically superior.  It’s better than outright “hate”.  And easier to manage.  No fuss, no drama, no messy emotions.

Much harder to BE “I’m not jealous” of those who we see in a favorable light.  Those who we respect, admire, and accept as equals.  Of those we know who are as great as ourselves and have as much to offer to our beloved in their own right.  They challenge us.  It’s hard to manage as it becomes filled with drama over our own very messy, and very human emotions.

At least when it comes to “our” beloved…..

“I’m not jealous!” is not the same as “compersion”.

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3 Responses to on jealously

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  2. I have only one stick,
    and I don’t hold it up to anyone but me..
    and one of these days I might just take a hacksaw to it..



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