through the looking glass

I talked to my roommate about this. And then sent it along to his metamour.  I know my roommate heard me, and understands.  The other acknowledges there is truth in the below. But we have not talked face to face.  I told her that if and when she wanted to talk I would put my listening ears on.  I owe her that much.
Yanno, I just don’t care who agrees, or disagrees at this point. I don’t want to hear any justifications or defense.  I don’t care if He or his metamour’s husband reads it or not.  Or agrees or not.

I don’t care if the behavior changes or not. They are screwing themselves. I want no part of it. And especially NOT where I live. Thanksgiving Day Dinner?  More like the Last Supper.


Two grown woman STILL trying to one up the other and jockeying for “position”.

Two grown woman tripping over themselves to appear better than the other.

Two grown women, plenty drunk and screaming, I HATE YOU, YOUR FINGERPRINTS ARE EVERYWHERE IN THE HOUSE. The response was a sound, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU in return.  All taking place on the deck on Thanksgiving; each woman more concerned about themselves than getting the rest of a formal Thanksgiving Day dinner for 12 on the table.

I don’t care who started it. It shouldn’t have started and NEITHER had the Grace to put it aside for another time.

Where’s the Grace in any cat fight on Thanksgiving Day? Does that make you both feel good?  Do you both feel like winners now?  Does the end justify the means?

I saw two drunk women making out in the kitchen without regard for other guests and for the agreement between us that this was a vanilla event due to my daughter and her boyfriend being present.    So, it’s not ok to force religion or politics down another’s throat but it’s ok to stuff the lifestyle down others throat when we know they don’t understand and are don’t want to see it?

There were no problems between anyone else. And surprisingly enough He and I got along fine.  Even to the point of sharing some thoughts that required trust on both our parts, while everyone else was carrying on.

The promise between us was we would all behave.  That didn’t happen.

I see a lot of fucking lip service here.

I see a lot of folks worrying about everyone else’s behavior, but not able to keep their own in check.

Yep, I can and will stand on the above.

Fuck You.  I did my work to get here. That’s MY light, and it carries me through.

You got nothing on me.

Examine yourselves before you utter the same empty words over and over.

And remember, perspective IS reality. Not just yours, but others as well.

Just because you don’t think your drunken antics weren’t “seen” or “mentioned” to either of YOU by the One(s) who matter, (and believe me it was both seen and commented on),  doesn’t make shitty behavior okay.

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2 Responses to through the looking glass

  1. Rosa says:

    That the resulting comments a few days later on He had no problem with what happened tells me a lot. Mostly that behavior is judged and justified only on His view.

    That the actual meal came off without a hitch was fantastic. And for that i am grateful. But unwilling to do it again IF this is the norm and accepted.


  2. alaisheart says:

    Ouch…sounds like a tough day.



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