there’s a reason

I should know better.  I don’t purposefully give out this blog address to many.

Sometimes what I write is incredibly verbose, self depreciating, mean; you name it. I don’t often take posts down.  I let my human nature show.  Sometimes what I write is out of context.  It contains only fragments of the whole.  Sometimes all the sordid details appear too. Whatever….

Every time…Every…Single…Time….giving this blog out to people I know in real time….well, it has eventually come back to bite me in the ass. May take days, or months and in some cases, years.  But it has, nonetheless.

At some point, someone eventually takes issue with what I write.  Some One person doesn’t understand “process” and tries to hold me accountable for their perception of what it is they don’t necessarily understand. And they don’t bother to ask. They assume. they get their panties in a wad; accuse and attack.

Oh, you must have something to hide!?!

Yep.  Me. It’s safe here,  and that is how I want it.  It can’t be safe for Me, if you choose to be an asshat.  My bad.  You think I would know better by now. Guess not; I always think people are above that sort of HS bullshit.

I don’t know if I will EVER share this place again. With anyone.

I don’t even know if I will even tell people I have a blog anymore.

Right now, I’m inclined to say, never again….


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6 Responses to there’s a reason

  1. Mine was a birthday Postcard, so I am thinking it won’t come back.. :(
    and when I really want to let lose I go to sandle woods and prayer beads..
    because I have people ( mother) who reads my blog and if she doesn’t like it it…man do I hear about it…
    because we are entitled to their opinion, and attacks and insults , because
    I have no idea…


  2. alaisheart says:

    Hugs…thinking of you…don’t forget those who love you as you are.

    Btw…I tried to send you a snail mail card and it was returned…email me with another addy please?



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