So far…..

Bombs dropped in conversation to me but mentioned as conversation with another, are not ok.

I was talking to him this weekend and he said he knows I want to move back to Denver.  Blink

All my friends, the kids and my mother were trying to convince me to move back to Denver yesterday.  Blink

I’ll probably move back to Denver, but I don’t know what’s going on yet.  Blink

I was talking to my BFF and she said she knows I want my own place.  Blink

I told her that I probably couldn’t take that job right right now; I don’t know what I would do with the lease .  Blink


And…..hints dropped puts the responsibility on me to now ask questions in lieu of actually talking TO me about this openly and honestly?

And… comes off as using me for your convenience for as long as you need.

And…..if I make a decision based on the “hints” all too willingly provided it turns into a potential blame situation later when it doesn’t mesh with what you want because you’ve never really said what you want?

Yah. I’m more than annoyed. As annoyed as if I did this to her.

So next time you slam him for doing the same to you….????

Oh yeah, it’s called mentioning it lightly.

Meaning, it’s now your responsibility to try to figure out what I really mean. and then blame me later when I don’t get it right.

It’s passive-aggressive and disingenuous.

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4 Responses to So far…..

  1. is she passive aggressive? or just one of those people who wants you to know what they mean and not what they say? ( I love those people, they always accuse you of not listening and or Not hearing what they mean…)


    • Rosa says:

      Yes. I believe it’s more passive-aggressive given what I see as standard operating procedure in other relationships.

      But like I said, I could be wrong and it could be just process too.

      Either way, it doesn’t feel settled for me and it’s disturbing. And sometimes that fear of not knowing comes as anger over it all. ::sighs::


  2. wow.. Thats a conversation ? more like a mine field…


    • Rosa says:


      Pit in the stomach makes me want to run away conversations.
      And maybe I’m just hearing “process”. Don’t know what I’m hearing because it isn’t spelled out.
      Yesterday she mentioned asking her mom to move down here (not with us) just into the area.
      Who knows????



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