Investements (2)

Not once but twice in the past week I’ve had this conversation with people about levels of drama. Not just in my own house and in some cases by my own hand (where I escalated because of anger),  but by others around me dealing with intimate (but not necessarily sexual) relationship(s).

As I watch the constant drama around me unfold in various ways with various people over time this past year, I have been thinking about how invested we are into ensuring more and more drama in our lives.

Do we create drama in order to have something to invest in where there is nothing (or nothing more) to invest in? Because what I SEE is that while we talk a good game, we fail miserably to actually apply this to ourselves on all levels and particularly where we get “pulled in” by others into their drama.

And when one drama is resolved to our satisfaction, do we create another?

Are we so invested in panic, chaos and disorder, we go our of our way to make it so?

So why? Why do we work so stinking hard at creating messes to be taken care of in our lives?

Control where we have none?  Insecurities?  Fear?  We have to make up for something lacking in our lives? Is that in lieu of experiencing life itself? What?

How much drama do you have in your life?

How much is made by your own hand? When did you realize your part in this? Do you still do this…..engage that drama?

How much do you tolerate from others?

At what point do you say, enough is fucking enough, and refuse to participate?  Is it simply that we suck at setting our own boundaries except the really uncrossable ones, but always easily see where others don’t set theirs?  At what point do you realize being supportive to others has nothing to do with investing yourself in their continual drama?  How do we remain supportive and not get involved?  Can we do that without indicating we just don’t want to hear the continual drama anymore?  At what point do you walk away?

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