done; finished; over and out;

they have lost their fucking minds.

my youngest just informed me he and his father had a particularly nasty fight a few months ago in which his father told him he wasn’t his child. OMFG. If it isn’t bad enough that it’s a complete lie and called into question my fidelity in a very underhanded way, now my son is very upset because he doesn’t know what to do about fathers day tomorrow. how the fuck could someone even say something so nasty even if it were true? my son put it out there in a way  I know he was asking me if what he was told, was true.

my roommate was given permission to verbally assault her primary’s second.  her “master” wants her to atone for writing that his second was a c-cow in a private space read only by her “master”.   OMFG.  Why the hell would anyone give permission to hurt their lover like that?  Why the hell would my roommate be so smug and willing to body shame another woman and deliberately hurt her feelings even tho she never read what was written.  My roommate was gleeful at being given the opportunity to tell her this and more. she wants to have the opportunity to call her a fat cow.  OMG. do we NOT have enough nastiness to go around already with all the jealously, name calling, and jockeying for position?

my anam cara hasn’t answered a text or phone call for two months after having a minor disagreement when he did not tell me a new fb i previously met was at the house, was coming for lunch and going to the museum with us. he dropped that ball on me in front of her like the child who brings a friend home when they get a bad report card. yep, i was less than pleased the entire afternoon and it showed in my annoyance and distance from both of them.  later, he admitted to doing it purposefully for my benefit so she would help me find a job.  WTF?  he admitted it was manipulation on his part as well as taking away my voice. i had every right to expect our date would be our date despite his good intentions.   but, we left the disagreement as lessons learned, no big deal. we each owned our own shit with each other and then see you when you get back from texas baby, we’ll clean out the garage so you can store some stuff at my place, anything you need baby, money, time, anything for you just ask, the only thing that matters is getting you in a better space because you need this.  she broke up with him the next day telling him she was scared for her life i would attack her physically, she wanted to get a restraining order, and she could never have a relationship  with him because i wouldn’t let it happen.  WTF?   he said he didn’t care since she was a liar, and a manipulator and just a fuck buddy.  the withdrawal of love and affection without a word  is probably the most cruel and hurtful thing anyone can experience. it’s downright mean. it’s a deal breaker.


i don’t think i could be more sad, hurt and angry about all of this right now.

i’m done with the shit in my life. done. finished. over and out.

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6 Responses to done; finished; over and out;

  1. I wonder where all that infantile behavior in adults comes from?
    I sure do miss kindness…
    wish I could just package up a hug and ship it your way…


    • Rosa says:

      I wish I knew. Some of this comes as no surprise and some of this utterly astounding and heartbreaking.

      I get the feelings associated with all of this from the other sides, and I understanding venting those not so pleasant feelings to those closest to us. I don’t get acting on them in these ways. I don’t get the lack of forgiveness and hurtfulness back.

      My son sent a Father’s day message to his father. No reply. We both know he has the correct email. It’s good in a way because now my son knows it’s not his behavior he has to account for. A valuable, if not very painful, lesson.

      Kindness or understanding doesn’t seem to be forefront these days.

      You just have. (((hugs back)))


  2. Hugs…no words…but hugs…


  3. Louise says:

    Rosa, it has been a long time since I commented but I do read… Right now I wish I could do something more than just leave some words. I hope you receive my compassion, vibes and (hugs). Do take good care. xxx


    • Rosa says:

      Thank You Louise. It’s funny (not haha more like curious), that sometimes I’m neutral with it and other times (like yesterday) not in any way ok with it at all.

      This too shall pass….

      it’s sooo good to “see” you.

      Hope all is well.




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