trying to find a good spin

on all of this.

As of right now, for every 1 house destroyed, 7 houses were saved due to the outstanding work of all those involved in trying to manage this beast….

There are over 800 Firefighters working this fire in addition to over 200 LE support on the ground. 350 more Firefighters were added this morning.

Countless volunteers are cooking and delivering meals to Firefighters and for those who are displaced, as well as those who are making or organizing donations of water, supplies, clothing, household items, and feed for animals large and small.

Almost all Voluntary evacuations have been lifted.

Smoke advisories for the surrounding area have been lifted.

30% containment as of last night. It doesn’t sound like much but going from 5% to 30% in less than 24 hours is HUGE. With the cooler weather yesterday, some much needed rain, and cooler temps  last night, I suspect containment percentages will be higher today. And it is- now at 45% containment.

Lessons learned from the Waldo Canyon fire last year paid off. Type 1 Incident Command (the highest level of experience and certification of all Incident Management Teams) was activated immediately with boots on the ground in <36 hours (remember these folks have to pack, ready equipment and DRIVE to their assignments).  Locally based DoD (AF, AF Academy, and Fort Carson) Firefighters were dispatched immediately. Heavy air tankers (C 130 Hercules curtsey of the 302nd Airlift Wing) outfitted with MAFFS systems on site and flying the next morning, and Chinook Helicopters with Bambi buckets were flying missions in <2 hours, with a VLAT (Very Large Air Tanker) DC10 on scene in <36 hours as well.

The 3 other fires burning in various parts of the state are also between 30 – 40% contained as well.



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