an update

Well, moving tomorrow. It’s definitely been a long ride here. Rather than beat the hell out of a nearly dead horse….

Just know that I am feeling mighty blessed, and very humbled to have such good friends who have, this week, taken care of me in every way. ME. Honestly, some of them I don’t even know all that well.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t really know I had so many who would put together my move when shit hit the fan last week. They planned my move, gathered strong backs, came to help organize and pack, and pack (love those Army wives-they have this DOWN), and bought me lunches this week.

Starting tomorrow I will be living with a wonderful female Dominant friend and play partner, and her wife for HALF of what I am paying here. And laundry. Did I mention I will be doing all the laundry?  LOL.  It’s something she normally pays me to do a few times a month, so that works. It’s more than fair. I don’t have to start paying until August 1 and will have only minor food expenses because they just bought a freezer full of meat. 

it’s a big house (3000+ sq ft.) with a well equipped play space in the basement. GAS stove with built in grill, 2 ovens. OMG I am in heaven.  Neither cook well or even like to so….YIPPEE!!  I have free reign in the kitchen and I won’t mind it a bit.

I’ve been given a really large and sunny bedroom with huge closet, and jack and jill bath. AND an adjoining common room complete with wet bar, wine fridge, glass fronted shelves for my china, and a wall of built in bookcases. HUGE WINDOWS.  I can put my loveseat and recliner in there instead of storage.  I will have room in my bedroom for my antique dining room  table (sans leaves) for computer and sewing.machine.  Half of my stuff goes in storage including my china cabinet. I really don’t mind either. honestly I am tired of looking at it.

I am excited to be somewhere with all women and a predominantly female membered “house”.

HA!  And they are all introverts who LIKE and VALUE “alone time”. 




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2 Responses to an update

  1. THIS sounds like a slice of heaven.
    space, and quiet and fair boundaries, that are visible!
    I am going to need you to gloat about it
    and crow about it and tell me how friggin awesome it is!


    • Rosa says:

      It’s already a slice of heaven. They are both INTROVERTS! As a matter of fact, all of the house members are introverts. My goodness, it’s soooooo dammed quiet for a change.



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