35 years and counting

Glad we both made it unscathed-relatively speaking.

Tomorrow is my oldest sons 35th birthday so I went to Denver today to spend some time with him, my Darling DIL and the Grandbabies. Good day. Lots of Grandma’s treat Ice Cream. Well in this case it was frozen yogurt.

Pictures in the park since both babies have a birthday within days of each other at the end of the month, and Grandma made lasagna for supper.

If you’ve been here any length of time, you know I rarely (if ever) post pictures of myself or of my family.

Gran’ma and the Babies.  Makes me giggle, because they are both blue-eyed, redheads.












Nolan (3) on the left with Gran’ma holding Haley (1) who has had just about enough for the day.


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