Hill Country, TX

Uneventful flight, thank goodness. I’m ok with flying, airport navigation and the never ending security hassles from wearing a push-up underwire bra and having piercings.  Body scanners are really a PITA.  Not my favorite way to spend the day, but it doesn’t cause any major anxiety or anything either.

Visiting my folks again this year.  At least there will be a bit of time to relax and just sit on the back porch without dogs, cats, parties, incessant chatter and a feeling like I need to hide myself away in my room for some peace and quiet.

No one here does their laundry at 3am or takes a shower in the adjoining bath at 2am.

My favorite Great Aunt and my Favoritest Cousin in the entire world will be here next week, for a week *doing the happy dance*

My brother and nephew are scheduled to drop in, too.





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