crazy business

She vomited her distress from the car door into the garage, thru the hall, twice around the kitchen and all over the house before she settled down to vomit on the couch.

I don’t care if she is his wife, girl friend, submissive or in this case, his slave.  Domestic violence is just that.  Domestic violence.

They got into a verbal sparring match, and he gave her a bloody nose.

She’s adamant it was all her fault. She bears the entire responsibility for him not being able to walk away.

All is forgiven.

Not my business.

But when he came over the other night and reached in to give me a hug, I pressed myself into the chair, not wanting to be touched.

He lost his hug privileges. He’s lost my respect.

She never had mine. But no one deserves being hit. No one.




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