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R.I.P King of the Blues

Fortunate to have seen such a gifted guitar master and poet so many times.  Solo, or with other bands, large or more intimate venues really didn’t matter because he had a way of speaking to the audience as if each … Continue reading

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And sometimes, like tonight, I long for the release inside the haze of drugs…temporarily out of my head…and free…    

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Two for You

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All you need

I can’t think of anyone who made happier music than these 4. Have a Happy Monday. Don’t forget to Love and BE Love. It really does make the world go ’round.

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A Little Black Magic

Sometimes it’s not so bad to be alone with them…all one in a million voices…dripping sensuality and passion…and at the same time, strong with joy in their gift. Listen…. *smile* This was Sorrow’s suggestion (see below), and it’s a mighty … Continue reading

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continuum & a cuppa java…

literally speaking. talking a break and sharing my music this afternoon. there is one sucky thing about the islands…no one comes here for concerts. and really, i don’t understand why. cost aside *rolls eyes* like it really matters, where could … Continue reading

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I just can’t seem to shake it….my yearning for him. Another voice I can’t do without. I picked this one to dance with my son at his wedding. *smile* Thinking about him today too. Feeling a bit heartsick and lonely. … Continue reading

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fill me up…yes, i'm

thinking about you. yesterday it bought a smile… but today…well, i’m so very tired…and today i miss you…i really, really do. i don’t even know what i’m doing here…lost in paradise without you… i’m wanting, and waiting, and loving anyway…but … Continue reading

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Listen to my heart….

Love you…Yeah, I sure do. *smiles*

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doin' it

At times, I tend to get stuck in the indecisions of thinking and wanting instead of doing….waiting for something to change, but knowing full well I am the only agent of change in my life Oh Hell…..Just DO It…..Yah…..

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