Stories of 9 Lives Past

Stories of 9 Lives Past is intended to be a history of sorts…my personal recollections. I say this as it is very important to understand; we all have decidedly different cognitive experiences. I’m sure if I shared any of this with my family, great discourse would ensue about the accuracy of it all. *laughs* Large and small bits of that memory may be shared physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually; but not the entire experience in exactly the same way. At least I haven’t yet found cognitive connectedness to be large in the remembering between all the peoples involved. Rather, only very small bits seem to ever fully connect. It’s all about our personal filters, which give rise to the perspective. In this case, that perspective is all mine.*grins*

9 Lives Past is a reference to how I tend to break my life into segments of what I call, Life Interrupted. Although living life is accepted as continuous, I’ve always found it to be rather punctuated. Distinct. Thrown abruptly from one stage or life altering collection of experiences to another. Childhood, teenagerdom, young adulthood, marriage, children, marriage, children, marriage, single life. I often wonder if I should categorize a bit differently. I’m now working on my tenth life living in Hawaii.

My earliest recognition of self and some of the strongest Warm Warm Joy Joy memories come from the late 1950’s through the late 1960’s in the Jersey City/Bayonne, New Jersey area. Not everything contained herein will be exclusive to living that era. I only lived the first 19 years of my life in New Jersey. The Formative Years.

It’s true we are influenced by our early experiences. I just don’t necessarily believe they entirely “define” us. We are also continually shaped by our current thoughts…second by second, minute by minute. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t ignore my past experiences. Even the not so pleasant moments hold important lessons as the harshness fades and brings yet another perspective. And so, I frequently conjure mine to the forefront, savoring childhood, family and friends; reliving the sights, sounds and smells held so dearly in the recesses of my mind.

Categories for these posts will be Warm, Warm; Joy, Joy; and Talk Story.

Just so you know, ‘Talk Story’ is a local Hawaiian colloquialism for Gossip, Bullshitting, and Storytelling. *wink*

I hope you enjoy my memories, and will consider sharing some of yours with me.




5 Responses to Stories of 9 Lives Past

  1. margie says:

    rosa – my apologies love but i can’t find my way aournd your site….i never know what’s new – perhaps i need a brain transplant


    Oh dear MissWicked, EEEKS!! Thanks for the pointer about it ‘cuz when I checked that wasn’t the only thing not right. No wonder you couldn’t find your way around. I couldn’t either, lol. I think it’s (mostly) right now with the main page opening up automatically to the latest post.
    All that combining this week got the best of me it seems. So no, apparently I’m the one with someone else’s brain.

    What’s up with you, Love? Sending warm Aloha Kisses your way for Mothers Day and everyday.
    Just one more little thang….just when are you going to join us here? *playful grin*


  2. gypsy-heart says:

    I have to say..this is the most unusual blog.

    I like how you seems so raw and yet pure.

    Am I right that you have not been here in a while?

    I hope all is good with you. Thank you for your kind note on gypsy-heart.

    Good energies to you!

    Gypsy-heart, Aloha! That has to be one of the very best compliments.
    Thank you. *smile*



  3. tobeme says:

    Checking in, hope all is going well.

    Very well thank you. And hope you are too. *smile* You know, I really enjoy your blog….just don’t get around to commenting much. But I do enjoy reading. Hope that isn’t too rude or anything. You make me think and most times….I just need to chew it some.


  4. tobeme says:

    Of course I meant, I look forward to reading your thoughts, ha!

    Welcome *smiles* HA! It’s ok, I speak typo too.


  5. Hi…*smiles*

    *grins and waves at Shannee*



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