The Many Faces of Rosa

Back in the mountains on central Colorado’s Front Range after two years in Hawaii.  Not entirely sure why I am back here, or even how it happened.  But here I am on familiar turf once again.  Guess there are lessons here for me still…

I’ve helped build and raced cars (low budget kine); owned a limo/taxi/shuttle business; I was a Colorado Master Gardener for many years where I taught high altitude gardening; gardened for money and pleasure; wrote gardening articles for money and pleasure, trained to be a midwife but decided plants were more interesting; owned countless reptiles including a rattler; raised chickens, pigs, snakes, toads, salamanders, newts, iguanas, turtles, rats and rabbits (some for eating…some not); put myself through private college at age 40; worked for a newspaper and dabbled in photography; owned two and lost two houses; married three husbands and divorced three husbands; have three delightful grown children, a slew of wayward sons and daughters, and 2 delightful, red-headed Grand-Babies. I’m blessed with a parcel of forever friends that span 45+ years; as well as a few soul mates and Anam Cara along the path.  My friends are a blessing and I consider myself to be forever blessed by their presence in my life.   *smile*

Printer by trade, Anthropologist by degree and Botanist/Ecologist as a passion and primary profession.  All have served me well.  They still serve me well.   I am a virtual secretary for now.

I want to write and paint and pull forms from the inanimate and weave and take pictures of the “strange but beautiful” stuff we overlook in the world. Most of all, I will learn to fly a glider high above the clouds so I can touch the sky and be somewhere over the rainbow once again….

It’s all about passion.

And fun!

Don’t dare me.  You just never know if I will.

*evil grin*