ADULT Content

This blog comes complete with adult subjects, adult language, adult pictures.

Some might find this offensive.  I find it necessary.

If you are underage; back away, NOW. You have been warned.

I have little tolerance for those who attempt to curtail the rights of others while throwing theirs about with wild abandon.  MEANING: Keep it clean and respectful.  If you are so offended at what is posted, move along.  No one is twisting your arm to read here.

And if, by chance, you come here with an agenda of some sort; if you believe you are someone I am referring to in any post, you can take it up with me personally, offline. You can also simply move along and choose to not open the door here again.

COMMENTS, Dialogue, Discourse, Chatter, Feedback and the Roundtable: If you want to share your thoughts, a name and e-mail is required. 

Why, you ask?

Because I believe if you are motivated to leave remarks of any nature – and I welcome your thoughts – then you are also motivated to leave your fingerprint.  Anonymous is chicken shit in my book.

Your name appears, but  your e-mail is not viewable to others.  I do not share that information with anyone.

I reserve the right to delete any comment I find offensive or inappropriate.  I don’t generally bother deleting comments.  I prefer everyone make up their own minds on specific commentary for what it is.  Most don’t need extra rope to hang themselves. I’m not inclined to provide it to anyone, either.

Comment moderation is enabled for the first comment only.  After that, Ainokea (Hawaiian slang for “I don’t care”, coupled with a shrug of indifference).

Copyright:  Yes. Please have integrity and to talk to me. For goodness sakes, credit where credit is due or I will be contacting you officially. If you are not sure, drop me a note.  I post pictures here that I own. There are only two people who also have rights to these photos and they have NEVER given permission, nor will they ever give permission for anyone else to use them because those are our terms.   In short, these two others are NOT YOU and never will be, you.   In the past I have had photos lifted, manipulated, (but not enough that I didn’t know they were indeed mine).  posted elsewhere, offered for sale, and given as gifts.  While I am flattered people think so much of my work, to do so without my permission is still theft.

Similarly, if I publish something without proper credit, you as the owner require written permission, or a specific format for your credits, please, please, please let me know so I can remove the item or make corrections. I have no desire to steal from, or cheat anyone. And I know you don’t either.

Should you be so inclined, Link Love is appreciated.