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actually showing up is most of the issue

Not where I want to be but getting better…. Finding the world in the smallness of a grain of sand And holding infinities in the palm of your hand And Heaven’s realms in the seedlings of this tiny flower And … Continue reading

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the moment not the day

It’s about recognizing a bad moment, and not projecting a bad day. Breathe deeply and know this too shall pass.

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Mastery Through Accomplishment – Meditation

I’ve been MIA the past few weeks. Not because I’ve been sitting on my ass.  With 7 guests to entertain….well they kept me hopping just about every second. They also brought with them (and left for me) a nasty sinus … Continue reading

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I hope Greenwoman doesn’t mind too much about using the lily and the CnP job. *wink* It’s been a short week….at least work wise. I’ve switched to 4, 10 hour days and it’s been a bit difficult getting used to. … Continue reading

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Amazingly Beautiful the World We Live

Spread love everywhere you go Mother Teresa

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A Meme Against Diverting…..

I encourage you to read Greenwoman’s post related to this meme and another on diverting ourselves from accomplishing what we really want. I’ve also added the same category of “Mastery Through Accomplishment” to these posts. Her posts really force me … Continue reading

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Like a snake she sheds the outer covering that has become dull, undersized and constricts her growth. Over and over, she rubs away the old to expose the gleaming new skin underneath. She works slowly and deliberately, a millimeter at … Continue reading

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Tears of Rage

Pre-meditation daze before I knew I was not crazy. I find interesting my choice of words knowing virtually nothing of meditation techniques, or BEing, or disconnecting…..At the time I wrote this I was enrolled in the class and was due … Continue reading

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Some days sadness weighs heavily on mind and in my soul. The impending loss of a friend to cancer. Poverty. Starving children. Death of the sons and daughters of war. There are other days. Like today. In the park. Watching … Continue reading

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