The Journey: Stories

Attempts at piecing together snippets contained in journals over the years. This is very much a work in progress. Rough and untamed.

I am sure there will be many edits. I’m fussy like that. It’s always a process. I am, at times, unrelenting in my perfectionism. Hopefully I can strike the balance I need to create and write without stalling moving forward with it all.

Like this effort, I too am a work in progress as I find my voice and learn the mechanics. I will break the rules. Sometimes purposefully; sometimes not. *laughing* I’m like that. I don’t always like rules.

Where does it all go from here? I have no idea. None. And that’s okay with me.

If you are so inclined, make suggestions. Tell me what you like or dislike. Point out mistakes.
Constructive criticism is welcome at all times. Really! It’s all good.

Mahalo for taking the time.




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