the Child’s sleep had been restless the past few months.

And the trees sing:
I am ancient
I have heard
I have seen many things

And the sun sings:
I am warmth
I am light
I am life

And the moon sings:
I am cold
I am darkness
I am light

And the stars sing:
I am the guide

And the wind sings:
I have traveled
I have a song

And the water sings:
I am power
I am life


One Response to dreams

  1. Rosa says:

    A note so I don’t forget where this originated. I awoke in the Eagles Nest – 18th floor apt nicked named the Eagles Nest by me and Jay because of the view that stretched a full one-third of the leeward side of the island from Diamond Head clear to the northernmost edge of the Waianae Mountains. Sunrise and Sunset graciously appeared through our windows each day; the marking of a full passing of each and every day of my year there.
    One night I awoke to a powerful male voice. I grabbed my notebook and started writing by the light of the moon. His speech flowed faster than my ability to write. Above is all I was able to record……



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